Artwork Guidelines

Artistic Guidance for Your Bag Design

Crafting an elegant jute bag involves more than just weaving – it’s about making your design shine. Our guidelines are based on years of experience, ensuring your artwork stands out and resonates with the unique texture of jute.

1. Vibrant is Visible: Opt for strong colors. Pastel shades tend to blend in and might not be as pronounced.

2. Embrace the Bold: Ensure your design elements are pronounced. On jute bags, intricate details can get lost due to the fabric’s weave. For legibility, maintain a minimum text height of 2 cm.

3. Simplicity Stands Out: Using fewer colors not only makes a powerful statement but also keeps costs in check.

4. Single-Sided Savings: To make the most of your budget, consider printing on just one side of the bag.

5. Eco-Friendly Inks: We offer Azo-free and natural dyes, aligning with sustainable choices.

6. Artwork Submission: Provide your design in digital formats like CDR, PDF, etc. For bulk orders, we’re here to assist you with your artwork needs at no extra charge.

Unleash Your Creativity with Confidence: Your design, combined with our expertise, will ensure a final product that truly stands out. Reach out for any additional queries or support.