Natural Plain Jute Bags

HandCraft Worldwide Company introduces high quality, plain jute and juco bags. They say never to judge a book by its cover. Plain jute bags have become a rage in corporate circles for the utility value, economy and branding opportunities they provide. Specifically designed for brand promotions, you can print your logo, slogan and company name on our wide range of jute and juco bags.

Our jute and juco bags come in various sizes to suit all the needs of the end user – Your customer. From a utility stand point, they can be used to carry lunch, documents and to shop. You can distribute catalogs in your next exhibition or trade show in these affordable and eco-friendly jute or juco alternative. The possibilities seem just endless!

· Comes in jute and juco variants.

· Made in various sizes for different everyday applications.

· Has durable, high quality handles for carrying heavy items.

· High quality zipper to ensure safety of contents.

These plain jute bags are either made of high quality jute or a combination of jute and cotton making it ideal for printing your brand name on them. They are also a closer to nature, durable and cost effective option compared to plastic and cotton bags. One of the key selling points of our plain jute bags is that they are designed for daily use. The more your customers trot your brand name around, the more visibility your brand gets! It’s that simple.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone, give us a call and order in truckloads! Your brand’s publicity is our primary motive for creating these elegant and eco-friendly plain jute and juco bags.

Click on the images below to know more about our Natural Plain Jute Bags. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can directly reach out to us NOW and we’ll happily answer your queries.