Juco Bags

The name of this bag itself is very classy and sounds cool. This is a special category of the bags made by HandCraft. As the name of the bag suggests, it is made with a blend of Jute and Cotton. These bags make use of 75% jute material as well as 25% cotton and give rise to a wonderful product that almost overcomes most of the troubles of both the materials. The finish of these bags is much better than the plain jute ones with neat edges and a smoother finish. These bags are naturally strong and durable and are made with a new cutting edge in technology. The Juco Bags are multipurpose and have been reported to do pretty well with long term use.

In short, Juco is a new and exciting material technology combining the strength and natural properties of Jute with the finishing and texture of Cotton fabric. Juco is generally advisable for fashion and retail bags as the hybrid fabric originates from a more complex manufacturing process which means that it is generally more costly to produce compared to other natural materials. Order Juco Bags in bulk today from HandCraft and flaunt an altogether different variety of bags!

The Juco Bags are the one that makes use of the best qualities of both the fabrics and this is the ultimate bag that is trending these days. A lot of abstract graphics are available for these types of bags and you can gift them in multiple numbers to others and they are sure to love it too.

If you are looking for jute bags in Dubai then this is where you can definitely consider our amazing Juco Bags. With a range of advantages, our juco bags are one of a kind. To get your set of juco bags customized, place your bulk order today!

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