Hand Woven Basket Bags

Know Our Hand Woven Basket Bags

Basket bags are one of our exclusive products that we have presented before you! There are several natural fabric bags present in the market but what makes our basket bags unique? 

Grass bags are made from Kauna grass, a reed that has a cylindrical, soft, and spongy stem. These stems are dried and woven into bags and mats. Kauna grass consists of a soft, spongy inside. The spongier it is, the better the quality of the basket and bags. So these woven basket bags are 100% natural and handmade. 

Our skillful artisans weave these bags and baskets with utmost care that can impress your guests on any occasion. These Kauna grass bags require significantly less maintenance and are durable in nature. So you can simply opt for these hand woven bags for any gifting purposes. Your guests would be impressed to see your choice of gifts. 

Our clients who reside outside of India also put a keen interest in these bags for their rich and raw outlook. Usually, they take these handmade bags to use as giveaway gifts for their clients or even sell these bags to their potential customers. If you have store full of creative or artistic products then you can add these hand woven basket bags to your collection and amaze your clients.

Brand promotion becomes easy when you choose these woven grass bags. You can make these bags a part of your event or seminar where you can showcase your choice of products. Your guests and clients would be impressed with your selection of products. Through this, your business would receive a lot of appreciation and you can gain passive attention to your business.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Compared to synthetic goods, natural goods have a special charm. We offer you our fashionable bags made from natural grass that you can select as a gift, as the majority of people in today’s society are concerned with making positive contributions to the environment. As these bags are rare so we are trying to make you aware of the goodness that lies in this amazing product. So at HandCraft, you would find the best alternative to replace the idea of gifting or presenting plastic bags.

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