Jute 6 Bottle Bags

Are you looking for a jute bottle bag to gift people?

Jute bottle bags have been an evergreen trend. People like to carry their bottles in specialized bags to their offices or to gift someone. Jute is one of the strongest natural fibers, is apt for making bags. Jute products are widely used by people who are trying to keep our environment green. Jute fibers are known for their high tensile strength due to which bags made of this are more durable and sustainable.

Using jute is ecofriendly because they are completely biodegradable which does not harm our environment. The supreme quality of jute fibers is extracted and processed by our skilled craftsmen with utmost care. These jute fibers are then processed to make our exclusive collection of customized bags.

What are jute 6 bottle bags?

HandCraft has launched an exclusive range of bottle bags that can carry up to 6 bottles at one go. These bags are made of pure jute fibers due to which can carry the weight of six bottles. These bottle bags have full side and bottom gussets which gives a rectangular shape to the bag. We make the color of the gussets similar to that of the bag or they can be made in different colors as per requirement.

The handles of the bag are specially designed for a softer and comfortable grip. These bags have various colorful designs of bottles that are purely customizable.

Special features of this personalized bag:

– Ideal for carrying 6 bags at one go

– Can be used for water or wine bottle

– Given away for water bottles or wine bottles

– Cotton webbed handles

– Can be gifted to employees or customers

– Customizable prints and sizes

– Removable bottle dividers can be added

– Can be used for picnic, pool parties, camping, art and craft materials

How these bottle bags would benefit you?

Jute 6 bottle bags are widely used when there’s a get-together or picnics, pool parties, or any functions. Jute bag vendors can give these bags as a complementary offer with bottles or an entrepreneur can give these to your employees. These bags are specially designed to carry away 6 bottles at one go. This would also benefit any breweries or cafe where they can sell their bottles in these printed bags. With the help of customization, you can also get bottle dividers if required. This bag can be used for tiffins as well.

This way of gifting away these bags can kick start your branding strategy. According to a study, customers getting bags complementary with products tend to return frequently.

HandCraft Worldwide Company is one of the leading jute bag manufacturers. We also deal with wholesale jute bags and make our bags according to our client’s specifications. So you can get these beautiful utilitarian bags just by clicking below!

Click on the images below to know more about our Jute 6 Bottle Bags. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can directly reach out to us NOW and we’ll happily answer your queries.