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Essential Order Information

Discover what sets our jute bags apart. Your order with us extends beyond a mere transaction – it represents a beautiful fusion of creativity, customization, and our unwavering commitment to quality.

1. Sampling
Efficient Customization Process: Upon confirming your order, we promptly craft a sample featuring your desired print. For a swift approval process, we generally share a photograph of the completed sample. If you’d prefer a tangible sample, we can dispatch it, leveraging your FedEx account details for shipment.

2. Fabric Insight
Nature’s Authentic Touch: Our jute bags typically come with an inner PP lining, unless otherwise directed. While our colors aim to align with the PMS, the natural essence of jute may induce slight shade variations.

3. Dyes & Paints
– Sustainable Choices: All bags embrace Azo Free Direct Dyes. However, complete color steadfastness is contingent on the oxy cellulose fiber’s nature. For superior color retention, we can, upon request, utilize reactive colors. Our printing inks predominantly steer clear of Azo.

4. Artistic Printing
– Human Touch in Every Stroke: Silk screen printing bestows our bags with a distinct charm, achieved manually. This approach can lead to unique registration variations, further enhancing each bag’s individuality. The cost of printing is influenced by the number of colors and the extent of the covered area.

5. Packaging
– Ensuring Your Bag’s Safety: Standard packaging involves cartons of size approx 17″x17″x18″ (or 43cm x 43cm x 45cm). Custom or individual packaging might adjust the quote accordingly.

6. Lead Time for Custom Bags
– Perfection Takes Time: Depending on the design complexity and volume, lead times oscillate between 2 to 6 weeks. We might entertain rush orders for an additional fee. Lead times can be influenced by factors like artwork submission delays. Please apprise us of any time constraints you may have.

7. Ordering Essentials
– Precision in Details: Our size references follow the (Width x Height x Gusset) structure. Ensure a seamless order process by detailing the bag and gusset color, print design and color, quantity, and an anticipated shipping date.

8. Elevate Your Bag [Additional Charges Apply]
– Accentuate the bag’s functionality and aesthetics with features like Snap Buttons/Velcro Closures, Zipper Closures, Pockets (inside/outside), P/P Board for enhanced stability, and personalized hang tags, labels, or packing.

9. Payment Terms

For Domestic Orders:
– 50% Advance: Payable upon order confirmation.
Balance Payment: The remaining 50% is due within 2 days of delivery. Alternative payment arrangements can be mutually agreed upon.
Small Orders: For orders amounting to less than Rs 20,000, payment should be made in full (100% advance).

For Export Orders:
– 50% Advance: Payable upon order confirmation.
Balance Payment: The remaining 50% is to be settled before dispatch. We are open to discussions for alternative payment terms.
Small Orders: For orders valued at less than USD 200, payment should be made in full (100% advance).

10. Over-runs & Under-runs
– A slight variation is standard. We hold the right to dispatch 5% more or less than the ordered quantity, and the billing will reflect this.

11. Natural Disclaimer
– Celebrate Authenticity: Given our reliance on natural fibers and manual craftsmanship, slight variations are inevitable. Such distinctions stand testament to the product’s authenticity and should be valued as such.

Engage with Us: Let’s co-create pieces that emanate quality, sustainability, and unmatched style. For queries or to commence your order, Contact Us immediately.