Jute Jar Bags With 3 Window

The demand for jute bags seems to be growing every year and 3 jar jute bag versions with windows are one of our best sellers. Jute or hemp is produced from a fast-growing crop so it is considered to be one of the most environmentally sensitive gift bag options. These Jute Jar Bags With 3 Windows are designed to hold up to three standard jars and includes fold-away dividers to stop jars clanking around.
Jute jar bags are high-quality gift bags that are ideal for use during the holiday season or for special occasions to give as a combination gift with something like fresh jams. The bag features a large window section in the front allowing you to see inside the bag. Other features include the A-grade laminated natural fabric and gusset. Ideal for manufacturers and retailers of jams, honey shops to present their products beautifully & professionally.

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