Can You Wash Jute Bags? Are They Even Washable?


Can You Wash Jute Bags? Are They Even Washable?

What Is Jute?

Jute is one of the widely available natural fabrics in India. Due to easy and affordable cultivation, India and Bangladesh produce an abundant quantity of jute. Jute has a larger number of benefits when it comes to its qualities. These golden fibers are popular because of their strength and durability. Jute is eco-friendly because it is biodegradable. They decompose easily and give back useful nutrients to the soil, unlike other synthetic fibers. As the products made from this are long-lasting enough, jute is often used to make handbags.

Why Are Jute Bags Popular?

Jute bags are gaining popularity in these recent eras. People are trying to be more environmentally conscious. So they have started switching their priorities and fitting their needs into natural alternatives. The usage of plastic has been discarded by many. Instead of polybags, people prefer to carry jute bags while they go for a shopping spree. Jute bags are durable, reusable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly. These are ideal for any situation or occasion so they fit in very easily. Due to their wider spectrum of usage, people love to acquire these sustainable bags in their daily life.

While these eco-friendly bags are super handy to carry, one needs to know the proper technique of caring for them. The most common question that comes to our mind is “is jute bag washable?” when we think of purchasing a jute bag.

How Does Washing Affect The Texture Of The Bag?

Do you ever have a thought of how can I wash a jute shopping bag? Jute bags are made from 100% natural jute fabric. As we know, natural products need special attention. Jute bags unlike any other bags are never recommended for washing. Out of habit, we try to wash these handcrafted bags too.

Jute when kept submerged in the water starts to decompose hence ruins the texture of the bag. The threads or fibers would start weathering after the bag is sold for a longer time. This would compromise the quality of the bag. The use of water would make the bag less durable and sustainable.

The jute fabric is laminated before being shaped into bags. We laminate using LDPE lining to enhance the quality of our bags. Through washing, this lamination gets affected and we would ruin the lining.

Are Colors Affected By Washing Jute Bags?

There is great evidence that jute bags are not washable. When jute bags are washed it not only affects the texture but also its colors. The dyes used for making these beautiful jute bags would come off the fabric due to water. Any natural products having added colors are not water-friendly. So when you try to wash these jute bags with beautiful prints, the water reaches out the dyes from the fabric.

We at HandCraft use the screen-printing technique to print all the desired designs on the bag. Jute bags when soaked in water can not prohibit these beautiful prints from coming out.

Similarly, the dyes that are used have fastening quality. These colors stick to the surface of the bag and make it attractive. Washing the bag can cause fading away of these colors and prints. So we don’t recommend washing these jute bags.

How To Remove Stains From The Bags?

Jute bags can be used for various purposes. Be it for household usage, wedding, giving away products to customers, or at the beach picnic. These natural bags are much more durable and sustainable than other bags. Remember big ropes are also made from jute!

So when we use these bags for multiple situations it’s very common that these bags would get stained. Be it your lunch bag or office bag you may have stained the bag unknowingly. So how to clean a jute bag? The very first thought that comes to our mind is washing the bag which is not recommended as you now know.

There is a very simple yet applied solution to this! You can clean the stain on your bag and make it shine again by wiping it. Yes! You heard it right, wiping this eco-friendly bag is the best way for cleaning up this bag.

As these bags have a laminated surface it is easy taking care of this bag. We use LDPE lamination to provide a fine smooth and protected texture to the bag. They avoid staining or adsorbing dirt on them. The lamination on these bags provides this amazing feature for which they don’t require much of our attention.

So when any dirt or stain gets attached to the surface, it can be cleaned easily. You have to get a wet cloth and wipe it on the surface of the bag to take off the dirt. If the bag is stained, use a pinch of detergent on the affected area then wipe twice with the wet cloth.

Jute bags are sturdy and need low maintenance. You don’t have to wash this bag to keep it clean. By simply wiping through wet cloth would do the work! With such easy maintenance and immense durability, you can use this bag for any occasion. These bags have a lot of advantages making them a perfect match for any of your essential activities.

HandCraft Worldwide Company is one of the leading companies that is listed among wholesale jute bag manufacturers in India. We make and produce thousands of jute bags each day. To maintain their quality, our skilled craftsmen go through an effective process of making these jute handbags. We make bags for every occasion, party, function, or event. Our bags are customizable so you can get your desired handbags just by giving us your set of specifications. You can explore our exclusive variety of jute handbags on our website and get your selected range of handbags that fit your needs.

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