Plastic Bags – a threat !!


Plastic Bags – a threat !!

When we think about going to a party or a family function…or just a normal day out the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is do we need a nice bag ? When we think of doing our daily grocery shopping or going to the market for any kind of shopping at the back of our mind we know that we will b needing a bag and we also know that that bag will be provided by the shopkeeper,that bag will be a plastic/polythene bag which will not only put us at risk who is buying it but our whole planet and our fellow human beings also. No doubt that they are very convenient but at the same time they possess a hazard which most
people are not aware of or even if they are aware they probably give it a blind eye. Plastic bags or polythene bags as they are popularly known as are made from crude oil and natural gas and both of them are non – renewable sources of energy. Which means they produce nothing but pollution. Their degeneration usually takes about thousand years and between those years they only cause damage to our nature. Plastic does not even burn completely unlike other waste materials.

As they cannot be recycled they mostly end up in landfills , oceans and seas . Sometimes they can also be found in the stomach of dead animals who wash up at the sea shore. They even strangle animals who try to eat them from the garbage bins or landfills. They block our drainage system which often result in water overflow during the monsoons, they make the soil infertile and pollutes our air and water. The toxic smoke that they emit after burning kill thousands every year. People living near plastic factory are mostly detected with cancer. Thus a very healthy and best alternative that we have of plastic bags is jute bags.
Jute bags are not only eye catchy and beautiful to look at but they also don’t create any kind of threat to our environment and natural resources. They are bio degradable and can be used multiple times.

So in order to prove your worth to the whole human race as well as this beautiful planet lets include jute bags in our life.

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