Plastic – the enemy of nature !!


Plastic – the enemy of nature !!

Plastic Bags today have become a life threatening hazard all over the world. They are putting all living beings’ lives at risk by exposing the world to pollution and various other diseases. Many countries have banned the use of plastic or polythene but we still have a long way to go. Even in India the use of plastic has doubled in the last 20-30 years, unless we all understand our responsibility towards the society or our mother earth we would keep increasing the pollution caused by plastic. Though people feel they are cheap to get and available in every nook and corner if we take a look at the various hazards it is putting our society into you might consider giving up its use. Plastic bags or polythene bags as they are popularly known as are made from crude oil and natural gas and both of them are non – renewable sources of energy. Which means they produce nothing but pollution. Their degeneration usually takes about thousand years and between those years they only cause damage to our nature. Plastic does not even burn completely unlike other waste materials. The additives that are used in plastic like phthalates and BPA that prevent the degrading of plastic. Plastic bags are very dangerous for small children who can sometimes end up wrapping them around their faves thus they can choke also.

Plastic bags are full of negativity, they block our drainage system which often result in water overflow during the monsoons, they make the soil infertile and pollutes our air and water. The toxic smoke that they emit after burning kill thousands every year. People living near plastic factory are mostly detected with cancer.

Unless we all join hands and give up the use of plastic our mother nature will continue to suffer. Lets open our eyes to other healthier bag options like jute. Jute bags are eco friendly and unlike plastic bags they don’t cause pollution. Lets say yes to jute and bye to plastic.

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