What are Jute, Juco, and Cotton bags?


What are Jute, Juco, and Cotton bags?

Although people are exploring and improving their preferences among natural bags, there is a significant difference between the fabrics. When we know a brief overview of each fabric it becomes easy to choose. Do you often feel confused as to which bag to choose? Either it is jute or cotton or juco bags that would suit your requirements. Let’s find out about these fabrics in brief!


Jute is one of the strongest vegetable fibers. It is listed among one of the finest natural fibers that are available abundantly in India and Bangladesh. Jute fibers are collected from the shaft of the jute plants. Through an entailed process these fibers are extracted by skilled people. Jute fibers have high tensile strength hence bags made from jute are much more durable than any other natural bag.

Jute fibers have a natural golden shine due to which these are also known as golden fiber. Jute fibers are woven into fabric and get laminated to enhance their quality. The laminated fabric is resistant to dirt and high temperature. Jute fabric when laminated has a lustrous surface which enhances the beauty of the bag.

These bags have a supreme quality of texture and strength. It is very durable and can be used for any purpose. These handbags are sustainable enough to be used in our daily life. Being a multi-utilitarian handbag, these can be used for gifting, promotional, or giveaway purposes. People want quality with utility concerning bags so many companies like HandCraft are making these bags for various occasions.

Jute bags are much stronger to carry laptops, textbooks, files, etc. So these handbags are preferred in various sectors. Gift bags are much needed for ceremonies so one can get jute gift bags to present their guests. Store owners can also use this bag for giving away their products to their potential customers.


Cotton like jute is a natural fiber that is obtained from cotton seeds. It is one of the most available natural fibers in the world. The fibers are lightweight so can be processed easily. Cotton fibers have a smooth surface with a softer texture. Its lightweight texture makes it a suitable match for making cotton bags.

It is a great water absorbent fiber that would keep our products moisture-free. Being biodegradable, cotton fibers when decomposed add many valuable nutrients to the soil. This is a versatile fiber that can be shaped into bags. It has a fine and smooth texture than jute which allows more detailed printing on its surface. It is also a great alternative to plastic bags.

Bags made from cotton fibers are durable and sustainable as well. They can hold a substantial weight which makes them apt for daily usage. Printed cotton bags have a great fan base. People use these bags for gifting and commercial purposes.

As compared to plastic bags, cotton bags have a smooth structure along with being nature-friendly. Cotton bags are also customizable according to users’ requirements and can be given to potential customers.


Juco fibers are the most creative and preferable fabric of all. It has a great combination of jute and cotton fibers which includes the advantages of both fabrics. This is an eco-friendly fabric like other natural fibers. It is made with great precision of 75% jute and 25% cotton fibers. The durability of the jute and smooth finish of cotton fibers make this fabric a unique one.


Juco bags have a smooth and fine texture as compared to other bags. This can be used for any situation or circumstance. The supreme finish of the bags makes them more attractive. The strength of the bag comes from jute fibers. You can use these amazing bags for gifting as well as promotion. It can carry a substantial weight of gifts, stationery items, clothes, giveaway products, etc. The fine surface of the bag which is due to cotton fibers allows intricate designs to be printed on it easily. Juco handbags are a great match for CSR activities as well.

Jute and juco bags are not recommended for washing as they require low maintenance. To clean these bags, you can simply wipe the surface with a wet cloth. Due to the laminated surface, the dirt is not absorbed into the fabric. On the other hand, cotton bags are washable. But the greatest disadvantage of washing these handbags is that the colors used to make these handbags attractive would come off when submerged in water.

HandCraft Worldwide Company is one of the leading jute bag manufacturers in India that also deals with cotton and juco bags. We have an exclusive collection of cotton tote bags and juco bags that can be customized according to our client’s requirements. These bags would benefit people for commercial and branding purposes. Those who want to give away bags can also explore these supreme quality bags and let us know of their specifications.

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