Jute – a trend that is here to stay


Jute – a trend that is here to stay

Jute is a long and shiny fibre which is the second most popular fibre after cotton. It is one of the most affordable fibre too, Jute fibres are composed of cellulose and lignin. They are long and staunch. The fibres are then treated with caustic soda to make them soft. Afterwards they are put to innovative uses and one of them is Jute bags. Jute generally takes around 4-6 months to grow without the need of much fertiliser and pesticide. Jute is a important crop as it is helping to protect deforestation also. Jute when used to make jute bags helps our planet to survive beautifully.

Jute bags are the best option today and they can be used for various purposes.

Jute bags have also added to the trend these days as they come in various designs. College goers can use them to carry their stuff without losing out on their style . You can buy one that suits your style or matches with your dress. If you are a regular beach goer then you can use the bag as a tote. So while doing your bit to save Mother Nature you are also setting some fashion trends.

After looking at so many advantages it is very easy to give up the use of plastic bags and opt for our very own naturally made jute bag. Jute bags are heavy duty and they it doesn’t harm the skin also.

Jute bags are available everywhere these days , you can pick one from your local market or buy them from online jute sellers as well.Jute bags are also very durable, they don’t get worn out or torn very easily so can be used for multiple years. If they become dirty or dusty just put little water and wash them in cold water. You can let them dry naturally. They will be your partner for life until you get bored of one and buy a new one.

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