Lets pledge to Protect


Lets pledge to Protect

We need a healthy environment to survive so the urgent need is to protect it. When we focus on protecting and investing in nature we are solving the world’s biggest problem. If we don’t conserve and preserve our future generations will have nothing to explore and they would not be able to see the beauty of our natural resources at all.Earth is our home our mother and it is our responsibility to protect it. But we take it for granted, we are unaware of the fact that if don’t preserve and protect our natural resources our earth will cease to exist. By destroying nature we are destructing the natural habitats of animals and plants. Animals are becoming extinct as their homes are disappearing people are hunting them for fur and skin. Plants are destroying because the soil is getting polluted and infertile.Global Warming is everyday damaging the Earth’s climate and livable conditions, we are experiencing melting of glaciers and sea ice, hurricanes, cyclones, conversion of proper land into deserts and so on.

We should think about population stability so that we don’t overuse our resources like we are doing at present. Below are steps that should be taken into action to protect and save our planet :

• Reduce garbage production and use methods for their proper disposal.

• Create awareness among people about littering in public places and their disadvantages.

• Driving is the biggest cause of pollution, so use car pools or try to walk or cycle more.

• Turn off your electrical devices when not in use.

• We can create a compost heap in our backyard or garden and recycle the waste.

• Try not to use plastic bags and go for eco-friendly options like jute or cotton bags.

• Try and plant as many trees as possible.

• Save Water

• Go vegan

• Recycle

If we take into account all the above mentioned steps then we would be able to solve the biggest problem that our world is facing – depletion of natural resources. So lets pledge and protect.

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