Why should you choose Juco bags over any synthetic bags?


Why should you choose Juco bags over any synthetic bags?

We all use bags made up of a variety of materials in our daily life. We use these bags for our household chores, business promotion, gifting, etc. So what are these bags generally made up of? These bags are usually made from plastic or any synthetic materials. These synthetic bags have a very harmful nature and actually affect our surroundings to a great extent. Environmental pollution that is giving rise to various diseases is increasing day by day. Pollution affects our health and damages our ecosystem severely. So the major contributor to this global issue is the daily usage of plastic bags and materials. Various environmentalists suggest switching our preference to alternatives of these synthetic substances so that we would not have to suffer anymore.

Juco fibers are the most creative and preferable fabric of all. It has a great combination of jute and cotton fibers which includes the advantages of both fabrics. This is an eco-friendly fabric like other natural fibers. It is made with great precision of 75% jute and 25% cotton fibers. The durability of the jute and smooth finish of cotton fibers make this fabric a unique one.


JUCO BAGS have a smooth and fine texture as compared to other bags. This can be used for any situation or circumstance. The supreme finish of the bags makes them more attractive. The strength of the bag comes from jute fibers. You can use these amazing bags for gifting as well as promotion. It can carry a substantial weight of gifts, stationery items, clothes, giveaway products, etc. The fine surface of the bag which is due to cotton fibers allows intricate designs to be printed on it easily. Juco handbags are a great match for CSR activities as well.

There are better alternative options for plastic bags that are available in the market. When we settle down to have juco bags here are the reasons why one should consider using them.

  1. Blended fibers- Juco is a special fiber that has the goodness of both jute and cotton fibers. This blended cloth is shaped into bags that have advantages of both fibers. As jute and cotton fibers are very flexible as well as versatile so they can get mixed with each other easily.

  2. Eco-friendly- Jute is a natural fiber and is biodegradable in nature. Products such as bags are used widely and are a huge part of our daily lives. So if we use jute bags instead of plastic bags every time we go shopping, we would be saving our environment from plastic pollution. If you use juco bags to promote your brand this bag in return would contribute to environmental Wellness.

  3. Strength and durability- Jute is one of the strongest natural fibers known in the world. It has high tensile strength due to which the bags made from Jute can carry heavy weights. So if you have a business of clothes, hardware, or craft items you can use jute bags to give away your products. As the bags are much durable they can carry your products safely.

  4. Longevity- As jute fibers are an exclusive plant product, they are accustomed to bear harsh environments. Jute products go a long way and proved to be of better utility than other materials. They require very low maintenance and last longer near about 12-14 months as compared to other bags.

  5. Lustrous surface- Jute fibers when made into bags goes through a process of high-quality lamination. These jute bags are laminated to enhance their properties like water resistance. But the most beneficial factor for you is that the surface of the jute fibers is laminated which can be used for printing purposes. Lamination would enhance the beauty of the color and print of your brand logo and name. It would have a shiny impact and give a fine texture to the bag that is perfectly suitable for promotional purposes.

  6. Smooth finish- Juco is a blended form of both jute and cotton fibers so these bags have major advantages of the smooth surface of cotton fibers. Although jute fibers add strength to the bag while the presence of cotton fibers provides a smooth texture to the bag that makes it more presentable.

  7. Branding purposes- People love handcrafted products are giving these bags as a medium to promote your brand would benefit your company in many ways. You can take these bags to trade shows and your brand as well as your exclusive collections of bags. If you are an active part of any CSR activities and want to give away on the behalf of your company then you can get these bags printed with beautiful prints, your brand name, and your logo. People receiving these bags would notice your brand name and know about your business. Nowadays various online stores are available on social media like Instagram and Facebook. You can get these durable bags and give away your products in them. Your clients would love this kind of product wrapping. To promote your brand you can print some pictures on messages along with your brand name and logo on these bags.


  1. Low maintenance- Juco bags are not recommended for washing as they require low maintenance. To clean these bags, you can simply wipe the surface with a wet cloth. Due to the laminated surface, the dirt is not absorbed into the fabric. The greatest disadvantage of washing these handbags is that the colors used to make these handbags attractive would come off when submerged in water.

HandCraft Worldwide Company is one of the leading jute bag manufacturers in India that also deals with juco bags. We have an exclusive collection of juco bags that can be customized according to our client’s requirements. These bags would benefit people for commercial and branding purposes. Those who want to give away bags can also explore these supreme quality bags and let us know of their specifications.

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