Respect Nature Respect Life !!


Respect Nature Respect Life !!

We are everyday witnessing how nature is getting back at us in destructive forms like hurricanes , tsunami , acid rains, soil erosion, erratic rainfall , drought etc. So in order to protect the environment for us and our future generations some strict actions must be taken. We must acknowledge our responsibility to care for Mother Nature. As we grow we are having a large impact on earth and its resources, in order to rekindle our relationship with nature it will require enormous effort but to start with some small and simple steps given below can be taken to protect our environment.

Though being continuously told about the adverse effects of using plastic and polythene bags we continue to do so. We find plastic bags more convenient but we close our eyes to the awesome effects of Jute Bags. Jute bags are helping in reducing the waste materials thereby contributing towards a healthier planet. In order to live a sustainable life jute bags if used on a daily basis the best option.

Jute Bags are a much more healthier option and an effort towards saving our planet. Jute bags are made from a vegetable fibre that is later spun into stronger threads. Lets now have a look at the bagful advantages of Jute Bags :

• They are 100% bio-degradable

• They are very durable

• They are strong

• They are cheaper

• They are in trend

• They can be used multiple times

• They decompose quickly

We need a healthy environment to survive so the urgent need is to protect it. When we focus on protecting and investing in nature we are solving the world’s biggest problem. If we don’t conserve and preserve our future generations will have nothing to explore and they would not be able to see the beauty of our natural resources at all.

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