Understanding Sustainable Development


Understanding Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is working together in a direction where we use the available resources in such a way that they are appropriate according to our needs and aren’t overused so as to keep them safe and protected for our future generations as well. But the question here is what to we do to keep the resources protected and not make them unavailable, with a population of 7 million people we are overusing our natural resources which are limited, so its our responsibility now to take efforts to protect them. Sustainable development has 3 important components namely, environment, society and economy. If we align all these three we can protect our human race and well being. If we work together with the help of these 3 pillars we can reduce poverty, promote social justice and improve the quality of life of us and our fellow human beings.

There are many ways with the help of which and by taking into account we can achieve sustainable development, there are some changes that can be brought in our lifestyle as well as in the society to lead a sustainable life. However the main goals of Sustainable Development that we need to achieve are:

• End Poverty
• Zero Hunger
• Good Health and Well Being
• Quality Education
• Gender Equality
• Clean Water and Sanitation
• Affordable and Clean Energy
• Decent Work and Economic Growth
• Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
• Reduced Inequality
• Sustainable Communities
• Responsible Consumption and Production
• Climate Change
• Life Below Water
• Life on Land
• Peace and Justice
• Partnerships for the Goals

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