10 Types Of Jute Bags And Their Uses:


10 Types Of Jute Bags And Their Uses:

Here are some of the most commonly used jute handbags and their uses.

  1. Jute Bags with Pocket-

    Jute handbags having a pocket gives additional space to our things as well as our expectations.  These jute bags with pocket have a laminated canvas pocket which is ideal for keeping extra things while we carry these bags to supermarkets or any other stores. Most importantly, a jute bag with front pocket is mainly beneficial because the space offered by this pocket can be utilized well while printing any brand’s logo or name. The space is wide enough to give maximum coverage for promotional purposes. The laminated canvas fabric of the pocket enhances the beauty of the printed logo, graphic, or name.

    Used for:
    – Groceries shopping
    – Vegetables and fruits shopping
    – Apparel store
    – Beach
    – Sales promotion

  2. Printed Jute Bags-

    Jute bags with prints look elegant. Anyone can carry these bags to any place like school, hospital, theatres, shopping complex, etc. The beautiful look of these customized jute bags is ideal for any occasion. The colors used for printing these bags are completely azo-free. This is used to avoid chemical toxicity and contributes towards a clean and green environment. These printed handbags can be given as gifts or giveaway presents to anyone. As a part of one’s marketing plan, these printed jute bags can be given to potential clients as a token of appreciation.

    Used for:
    – Parties
    – Libraries
    – Wedding function
    – Carrying goods
    – Business promoting strategy

  3. Designer Jute Bags-

    Designer handbags are a perfect solution to fashion and utility altogether. The astounding look of these bags makes them apt for outdoor use. These fashionable tote bags can be used when going out for movies, meeting with friends, supermarkets, etc. These designer jute bags can also be given as gifts. Women nowadays love to carry these colorful jute bags.

    Used for:
    – Given as gifts
    – Return gifts
    – Parties
    – Beach
    – Movies
    – Get together or reunion

  4. Jute Sling Bags-

    Jute side bags are gaining popularity in recent decades. People love these bags and often carry them when going to school, college or office. These side handbags are a perfect alternative to backpacks. As these bags are smaller in size and comes with a comfortable strap, this prevents excessive sweating at back. People can carry this bag simply on their shoulders and can travel anywhere. As an entrepreneur, people can give this bag as a gift to their internees, employees, or delegates to keep their files and belongingness safe. These bags can be used as a medium to promote one’s business. If anyone is having an educational institution, they can get these jute sling bags printed on their names and given these to students. This would level up their branding.

    Used for:
    – Office
    – School
    – Library
    – Conferences
    – Educational institution
    – Brand’s promotion

  5. Jute Laptop Bags-

    This is another type of side bag ideal for laptops. Due to jute’s high tensile strength, this bag would be ideal to carry the weight of a laptop. These laptop side bags have an elegant look. This can be made a part of a sales offer. If anyone is having a gadget store or showroom, they can use these jute laptop bags as the most affordable way of branding.

    Used for:
    – Offices
    – School/ colleges
    – Library
    – Gadget sales offer

  6. Jute Grow Bags-

    Jute bags are not only popular in corporate sectors but also in the agricultural sector. These exclusive bags are specially designed to keep plants in them. When the plants are of adequate height, they are then planted in orchards or any other relevant places. Jute bags for gardening are highly in demand of gardeners or people who love gardening. These jute grow bags are also presented as natural gifts to people. Any business set up can promote their company by putting their names on these bags and give them to their potential audience.

    Used for:
    – Gardening
    – Natural gift
    – Nursery owners
    – Brand’s promotion

  7. Jute Tote Bags-

    Tote bags are in recent fashion because of their posh look. Jute vendors can sell these small jute bags to their clients or tourists who frequently visit their stores. Tourists love to buy these customized bags that signifies their travel to that place. These bags can also be given as gifts due to their chic look. Jute vendors or shopkeepers can also give these jute tote bags as a complement to their other products.

    Used for:
    – Bags for visitors
    – Travel bag
    – Beach/parties
    – Business promotion

  8. Jute Lunch Bags-

    These bags are designed to keep tiffins and fruits separately from our laptop or office bags. These lunch box bags are ideal for people who love to eat home food. These jute lunch bags can also be printed with a particular company’s name or any quote on them.

    Used for:
    – Office
    – School/college
    – Library
    – Travel tiffin bags

  9. Wedding Jute bags-

    Jute bags have a traditional as well chic look that makes them special among other bags. Bags at weddings are designed specially according to the occasion. These jute bags for wedding gifts may carry the bridal couple’s initials or the family’s name. People can get these beautiful wedding jute bags customized according to their requirements and gift these to their guests and relatives.

    Used for:
    – Wedding functions

  10. Jute Shopping Bags-

    These bags are like any other multi-utilitarian bag that one can take while going to a supermarket or any market complex. They are made of strong jute fibers that can carry any substantial weight of groceries, vegetables, fruits, clothes, art, and craft, etc. These jute shopping bags being reusable can be used for a longer run. Unlike plastic bags, these jute bags are safe to use. From a business point of view, these bags can be used for promotional purposes. Any store owner can get these bags with their name or logo printed on them.

    Used for:
    – Groceries
    – Art and craft items
    – Cloth store
    – vegetable/fruits
    – Promotional purposes

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