Mother Earth’s enemy – Plastic


Mother Earth’s enemy – Plastic

As each one of us know our planet is become polluted rapidly. We are faced with various kinds of natural calamities every day just because we aren’t doing much to protect it.  But still the world is full of plastic users. Many countries have banned the use of plastic or polythene but we still have a long way to go. Even in India the use of plastic has doubled in the last 20-30 years, unless we all understand our responsibility towards the society or our mother earth we would keep increasing the pollution caused by plastic. There should be proper awareness programs conducted in schools to create knowledge about the hazards of plastic, banners should be put telling people what other alternatives they can use in place of plastic bags or plastic products. People should be told about the 3 R’s Re-use, Reduce and Recycle.

We are everyday witnessing how nature is getting back at us in destructive forms like hurricanes , tsunami , acid rains, soil erosion, erratic rainfall , drought etc. So in order to protect the environment for us and our future generations some strict actions must be taken. We must acknowledge our responsibility to care for Mother Nature. As we grow we are having a large impact on earth and its resources, in order to rekindle our relationship with nature it will require enormous effort but to start with some small and simple steps given below can be taken to protect our environment:

• Reduce, Re-Use and Re-Cycle – reduce buying new products unnecessarily, re-use bottles, cans , utensils, paper, wrapping papers,cans,etc.

• Reduce Waste – instead of dumping trash into landfills make a compost in your backyard and use it to put waste that is bio-degradable.

• Drive less – drive less and use carpools or walk.

• Switch Off – put of electrical equipments and electric bulbs or electric appliances.

• Save Water .

• Go Green.

• Instead of polythene buy cotton or jute bags.

• Plant a tree.

If we take into account all these factors and together work towards a common goal of saving our planet then nothing is impossible. Lets live a green lifestyle and look for more ways to improve and protect the environment around us.

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