Why Should We Carry Jute Bags Instead Of Polythene Bags?


Why Should We Carry Jute Bags Instead Of Polythene Bags?

How Plastic Is Causing Pollution?

There are innumerable reasons as to how plastic harms our environment in serious ways. Plastic is a synthetic polymer that has amazing properties of durability. Due to its extensive use, we are facing several forms of pollution. Plastic is non-biodegradable, as a result of which the things that are made of plastic do not decay on their own. Instead, they cause clogging of our drains, water bodies, soil pollution, etc. This is a major issue in today’s world as these non-decayable products harm our health.

The only possible solution to get rid of this serious issue is minimizing our usage. To replace this synthetic, non-biodegradable product, there are various natural products available as a better alternative. One such natural fabric that can be used in making several products is jute. Jute fibers have some commendable properties that can be considered to keep our environment green and healthy.

Amazing Features of Jute Bags


Jute fibers are plant products. This is one of the easily availed vegetable fibers. So plant products degrade themselves over time and add valuable nutrients to the soil. Likewise, jute is also purely biodegradable i.e. any product made of the jute would decompose on its own if discarded without causing any harm to the environment.


Jute is known for its strength. We often see ropes are made of jute. Due to its high tensile strength, jute fibers can withhold a substantial amount of weight. The bags made from jute can be carried easily for heavy household chores.


As jute fibers are an exclusive plant product, they are accustomed to bear harsh environments. Jute products go a long way and proved to be of better utility than other materials. They require very low maintenance and last longer near about 12-14 months as compared to other bags.

Low carbon and water footprint

To manufacture any goods, a certain amount of water and carbon is required and released. This released carbon and wastewater cause harmful effects on our soil, water bodies, and air. Jute products are manufactured in such a manner that very little amount of carbon and water is generated from the industry. So they have a very negligible level of carbon and water footprint.

Less extensibility

Jute fibers have high tensile strength and low extensibility so jute products are durable enough and would not get stretched, unlike other bags. During the manufacturing of bags, jute fabrics are processed under heavy machinery, goods with high extensibility are easily torn out. But in the jute bags, it is completely the opposite, due to its immense strength, the process of jute bag making does not affect the quality.

Low maintenance

To maintain bags as their original quality, many of them require a lot of effort like dry washing, polishing, etc. Jute bags in this case work wonders as they do not require much of your attention. They need very low maintenance. To keep these bags clean, you can simply wipe them with a wet cloth. You don’t have to wash them and even if you do, try not to soak in water for long.


Jute fibers are very versatile. They can be added to any fabric material as they blend so easily. Jute cloth can be easily made, cut, and process into bags. Due to their superfine texture, these bags look beautiful with screen prints. Jute fabric can be used to make jute bags, pouches, folders, etc.

How Jute Bags Can Be Used Instead Of Polythene Bags?

As we now know about the amazing properties of jute, it is easy to analyze their use. Jute bags have a great demand in the corporate sector and events such as parties, weddings, etc. So the usage of jute bags is worldwide.

Suppose you have to host a function at your place be it for any festivals or any celebrations and you want to please your guests uniquely. So what’s the best way to attend to your guests? Gifts! When we receive gifts while attending a wedding as a token of love, remember that feeling? Likewise, the way we treat our guests says all about us!

Jute bags are special in festive seasons too. Be it Holi or Diwali, when you plan to visit your friends with your personally chosen gifts, sweets, and much more, take these bags as a great carrier. People love this gesture of gifting through special bags. And if the bags are natural and eco-friendly that works as a cherry on top!

Designer jute bags are another exclusive set of bags that look amazing and would go with any look. People these days are preferring natural products so these jute handbags would rock their style statement with their beautiful and elegant prints. These designer bags are made keeping in mind the recent fashion trends.

Jute bags are also one of the popular bags these days. You can carry these beautiful and fashionable bags with you. These can be taken anywhere, be it to the supermarket, vegetable shop, or any cloth apparel store. These bags are way comfortable and eco-friendly than plastic bags.

HandCraft Worldwide Company is one of the leading jute bags manufacturer companies. We deal with wholesale supplies around the globe. We have an exciting collection of jute bags with specified sizes and patterns on our website. You can surely explore them according to your needs. These jute bags are popular in parties, functions, or any events where people have to attend to their guests, friend, and family and would like to gift these bags. Apart from that these bags are also used as gift bags. You can carry your Holi or Diwali gifts in these bags and give them to your friends, employees, and family. This would touch their heart and build more cheerful memories. You can explore our bags on our website and can order accordingly.

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