Is Jute Bag Really Eco-Friendly?


Is Jute Bag Really Eco-Friendly?

Handbags are one of the most important things that we prefer according to our needs. Have you ever thought of our contribution to our environment? If we take examples of bags, the plastic used in the bags if discarded haphazardly, results in destroying our environment.

These destructions can be in the form of soil pollution, air pollution (if burnt), clogged drains, etc. Plastic has the toxic property of nonbiodegradability. The products made of plastic may break but never decompose naturally. Due to their synthetic component, they add toxicity to the soil.

So when we think of an essential object like a bag, we must be very cautious about how it contributes to our nature. To know better we can have a closer look at the constituents of a bag. According to researches, bags made from natural fibers are completely environmentally friendly. One such example of a natural fabric bag is a jute bag. Now let us see what is a jute bag made of, its properties, and how they benefit our environment.

What Is A Jute Handbag Made Of?

Jute bags are one of the most widely used bags in the global market. Due to their quality, these bags are in great demand. Starting from making a jute bag, there are several precautions kept in mind. Unlike other synthetic bags, jute bags are made purely of supreme quality jute fibers. Jute extracted from the bast of the plant, are processed and made into these beautiful bags.

The extra accessories used in a bag are also either made from jute or any other natural fibers. Even the handles that are attached to the bags are specially made of cotton webbed strings. Keeping the cause of these bags intact, we use completely natural and azo-free colors. These dyes though does not contain any harmful chemical, are safe to the environment.

These golden fires have a natural lustrous shine that makes these handbags unique in all terms. There are some unique qualities to these jute fibers other than any plant product. These fibers have high tensile strength due to which the fabric used to make bags are stronger and carries heavyweight. The gussets are also made of the same jute fabric which provides external support to the bags. Jute fibers are also sustainable in nature and have longer durability.

How These Multipurpose Jute Bags Are Eco-friendly?

Jute, being a plant product, is considered one of the most appropriate fabrics used to make bags. Jute is eco-friendly because these fibers can absorb carbon dioxide twice any other natural bag. Jute bags have an amazing quality of decomposability. When discarded, jute products easily decompose in the natural surrounding and mixes well with the soil. While these bags are biodegradable, they also provide useful nutrients back to the soil, hence completing the whole nutrient cycle. So this is the aptest alternative to all the synthetic, nonbiodegradable, toxic bags we use in our daily life.

Jute products can be recycled for ages. With the need for low maintenance, jute bags are an ideal match for any of your purpose. As they are environmentally safe, you can use as many bags as you want. You can keep bags separately for every purpose, or take them with you. After few months, if you feel like discarding, that too is possible. You can discard these bags without any guilt.

Jute fibers are also considered the best alternative among other natural products like paper. To make paper bags, various trees need to be cut down which leads to serious issues of deforestation. Jute extraction does not contribute to this mass destruction process.

If you are looking for a natural gift specially designed for your event, then these bags would fit right there. As these bags do not use any additive synthetic fibers, you can take this as 100% natural.

Why Choose Our Personalized Jute Bags?

HandCraft Worldwide Company aims for client satisfaction. The major factor that keeps us going is the quality of products and commitments we provide to our clients. We support our clients in growing their business and help in promoting their brand. With the rising need for plant-based gifts, we have designed our exclusive range of bags that can be given away as presents to anyone. We at HandCraft, have a common goal to contribute towards more environmentally friendly surroundings.

The beneficial factor of our bags are we have designed these bags specifically for any occasion or purpose- be it for schools, colleges, library, beach, shopping, movies, parties, offices, garden, etc. You can get a wide range of these customizable bags on our website and get them personalized according to you. 

Apart from the utility, our jute bags can be a great part of your sales promotion strategy. As these bags are made of natural fabric, the colors used in the printing process have a gorgeous outlook. You can get your company’s name or logo printed on them and give these to your guests, client, employees, etc. As we all know, how expensive branding or promotion of a company these days is. These eco-friendly bags are the most economical way of promoting one’s company or business. Also, any natural product, for instance, our jute bags is completely safe for humans as well as for the environment.

We are considered among one of the leading jute bags manufacturers in India. We deal with wholesale supplies and accept bulk orders. To know more about how we work or process and range of our products, you can explore our website!

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