Jute – weaving magic one thread at a time !!


Jute – weaving magic one thread at a time !!

The first thing that pops into mind when we think of jute is natural. Jute is a natural fibre or a green fibre. It is the second most popular fibre after cotton.

The cultivation of jute depends on climate, season and soil. Almost 85% of jute is cultivated in the Ganges delta. India, Bangladesh and China are leaders in jute production.

Jute is also known as the ‘golden fibre’ and ‘future fibre’. Jute is sustainable, eco-friendly and affordable. It is very popular to be used in our daily life.

Jute bags because of their light weight and handy nature can be put to varied uses. We can use a jute bag as a lunch bag that we carry to our work or as a folder to keep important stuff or files. To be precise a jute bag can be used in our day to day life comfortably. They have an aesthetic and earthy feel which makes them a huge hit in the market.

Nowadays the use of plastic bags is also forbidden so we can use the jute bag as a shopping bag too and instead of trashing it you can use it every time you go out to shop. Another plus point is that you will also feel positive as you contributed towards saving nature.

Jute bags have also added to the trend these days as they come in various designs. College goers can use them to carry their stuff without losing out on their style . You can buy one that suits your style or matches with your dress. If you are a regular beach goer then you can use the bag as a tote. So while doing your bit to save Mother Nature you are also setting some fashion trends.

With their increasing share in market the number of options keeps increasing. There are separate bags for both men and women. There are customised options too where you can get your design embroidered on it or some beautiful patchwork done to make it distinct. So by getting them customised gives you an option to use them as a return gift for parties as well as to keep gifts on festivals.

Our planet needs to protected and jute bags are helping us do that as they are controlling pollution caused by plastic. So lets say yes to jute and no to plastic.

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