Sustainability and its need !!


Sustainability and its need !!

Sustainable Development and poverty eradication are the two major goals that most of the countries are working to achieve. We are left with little natural resources that if used or overused without finding out ways for their development would result in their depletion. Our planet has limited resources which we have already overused. To survive and flourish on Earth a Sustainable living is the need of the hour. We need to live in harmony and bestow to our society in whichever way we can. Sustainable living is a continuous way of life to preserve our environment.

Following are the ways which can help in protection of our natural resources and achieve sustainable development:

• Reduce garbage production and use methods for their proper disposal.

• Create awareness among people about littering in public places and their disadvantages.

• Driving is the biggest cause of pollution, so use car pools or try to walk or cycle more.

• Turn off your electrical devices when not in use.

• We can create a compost heap in our backyard or garden and recycle the waste.

• Try not to use plastic bags and go for eco-friendly options like jute or cotton bags.

• Try and plant as many trees as possible.

• Save Water

• Go vegan

• Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle

• Reducing landfills by reducing the use of plastic and non- biodegradable waste which ends in landfills and stays there for years causing pollution.

• By turning off electronic equipments and points when they are not in use.

• By replacing plastic bags with jute bags

• Buying rechargeable batteries

• Using carpool or walking and cycling instead of driving car

• Use LED lights instead of incandescent lights

• By creating a compost for kitchen waste in your backyard

• Grow your own veggies and fruits

• Mend clothes instead of buying new ones

• Reuse glass jars

• Put solar panels

• Use reusable jute bags for shopping

• Save water

• Plant trees

We are in a state of emergency where we are left with very little resources to make use of properly. If we don’t take action now then our resources will cease to exist and our future generations will be devoid of witnessing the beauty of our magnificent nature and planet. Together we have to join hands and work towards the common goal of Sustainable Development.

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